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A Brief Tour of Minneapolis (Part 2)

IMG_6847In my previous post, I talked about my adventures with Cailie through downtown Minneapolis and the realization that we needed to go to some neighborhoods to find more interesting and enjoyable areas.

The day after exploring downtown, Cailie and I hit the city with an agenda. We used our Nice Ride pass to go south. We headed through Loring Park to get to the Midtown Greenway. The Loring Greenway was a bit confusing to navigate, a couple of signs or markings could improve that. Nonetheless, it was a great greenway and is the sort of pedestrian/bicycle space that every city needs. Leaving Loring Greenway, we headed down Hennepin’s bike path which during construction was confusing. Fortunately a bike detour was provided which ensured we didn’t have to share the lane with speeding traffic. Continue reading

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A Brief Tour of Minneapolis (Part 1)

The Mississippi River as seen from the Stone Arch Bridge.

The Mississippi River as seen from the Stone Arch Bridge.

It’s been a busy few months. Included in that time, Cailie and I went to Minnesota for a friends wedding. Despite being from the midwest, this was my first time in Minneapolis. Though Minneapolis is on the wrong side of the lake and thus suffers from bad geographic luck, what I found was an amazing city.

We flew in on a stormy Wednesday night and rode the Blue line to Target Field where a friend we were staying with picked us up. Even at night, it seems like much of the line was surrounded by parking lots as opposed to urban development. Though there are downsides to this, it does result in great potential for transit oriented development in the future. Continue reading