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Watch the GAP

Watch The GAPThe other night, Cailie and I went to a Brick City Conversations forum at Rutgers Newark on the topic of “The Economic Development of the Tri-State Region: Regional Plan Association’s Fourth Plan.” The forum was very interesting and a great event to attend. The weather however was not so great: a Nor’easter was forming off of the Atlantic Coast. Though the winds here have not been too bad, the cold rain did not make for an enjoyable walk. After a half mile of this, we decided to ditch walking and take a cab. Shortly after getting in the cab, we passed by where Modell’s had recently been located on Market Street between Halsey and Broad. While I had previously noticed that Modell’s was no longer open, I saw a new development: The GAP.

That’s right: The GAP is coming to downtown Newark. Continue reading