the urban prospector

Searching for Golden Opportunities in America's Cities


LakeMichWinterWelcome to my blog. My name is Chris Kok and this is a site for my various urban planning and design thoughts. Growing up I studied maps and was obsessed with exploring my city. I came of driving age at the end of  the great days of driving. Gas was less than a dollar per gallon and I used this cheap transportation to explore the towns and countryside around Grand Rapids, MI. Working as a delivery driver extended my range and gave me a greater understanding of the difference between cities, suburban corridors and small towns. I learned where to find fast food if I wanted a quick meal and where to find a local restaurant if I had time for quality. As a petitioner, I used this understanding of city design to find places with higher foot traffic which led to greater numbers of signatures. After working as a truck driver in South East New Mexico, I moved to New Jersey to attend graduate school. I received a Master of City and Regional Planning from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.  For the past year I’ve been working on Hurricane Sandy recovery at the community and individual level.

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